Thou Shalt Blog

It is truly despicable that a blogger should ignore her blog for a period of two months and finally come back with a cheeky post about how ‘thou shalt blog’! But it’s happening and I am the blogger in question.

And suddenly there was work. I think it’s a good thing that I am suddenly in demand for a whole batch of technical writing tasks. My work is sought after, and I get paid for it. (am i making it sound like a great adventure, here?! It really isn’t. It’s just work that I am supposed to get done.)

But that left me with absolutely no quality time with my blog. I just stuck to plain technical writing. I do have a sense of achievement that I have finished one training manual, written an advertisement and a promotional letter to school principals, have written a post for the company blog and an article to be featured in a popular search engine news section. Still, I feel guilty that I forgot my AdLibitum, green layout and all. (The layout has been changed since then – my update on January, 2009). Sitemeter traffic is truly humbling. I plead guilty but acquit me in the name of all things creative and verbose.

Will try to do more justice from now on!

This was a really lame effort, but I’m saying this was atleast an effort, so …

Next post, and all that…tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Thou Shalt Blog”

  1. Missy Ricco

    Work will either force you to establish an outlet or just plain suck the creativity right out of you.

    Just depends if the work gives you time to daydream…

  2. Bottles Barbies & Boys

    I think it’s great that you at least had a great excuse.
    Where as if it was me it would just be because of my lazy butt wallowing in my own self pity!

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