Happy Birthday, G.J. Hamilton

“The only way to keep or receive love it to give it unconditionally and selflessly”. This is the quote for 12 March, on my quote holder on my desk.

I can’t think of a quote that applies more for my wonderful husband than this. His patience stretches so long that I still haven’t done something to snap it! Thank God for that…

Stuff he loves: music (some classical western music is always playing on a speaker somewhere if he is home!), aetheikka appam (plantain fritters) – he loves the stuff…his staple food if he is traveling!, spending time with Debbie (lot of wrestling…a grown man and a 2-year-old?… Go figure!…sigh…, singing at the top of their voices, watching YouTube videos of Mickey Mouse and Pingu, etc.), choral singing (my husband has one of the best tenor voices I have heard…I am being partial here, but I don’t care :P), reading up on his latest interest (he will read up like crazy on whatever occupies his mind at the moment…everything from kidney stones, rheumatism (for me), train timings in Tamil Nadu, universities across the world, management skills, MBA courses, Dr.Chidambaram, heart surgery (for his Dad), things to consider while traveling abroad, how to use his camera, what do 2-year-olds eat?, everything, everything… Note: this is probably one of the reasons he has never really read this blog!… Anyway, Hamilton belongs to the clan of people who believe that information is power…so he reads… Don’t be shocked if, soon, our family moves out, to make place for his books (*rolling eyes here*). He loves Sachin Tendulkar…a die-hard fan of the cricketer! Loves him so much, if he starts talking about the guy, it usually turns into an epic!

Hates: Nothing. That’s it. Hate is a strong word that this man prefers not to use…What can I say?…Other than, “Why the heck is he with me?!?!!”

One unforgettable thing about him: How he cried along with me, when we heard my Dad passed away. The look of pain in his eyes, when he saw my pain… Well, he is one reason my family was able to stay strong through it…

What he has, I wish I had: His unwavering unshaken faith in God, and his spirituality. I wish I had that.

Happy Birthday Hamilton…You are Special!!

2 Responses to “Happy Birthday, G.J. Hamilton”

  1. what does my name mean

    hi wats your myspace page

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