March Madness – The Good Man Goes Shopping!

Posted On April 13, 2010

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This is what was special about last month…this man….

went on a business trip, to this place….

And, the month was nothing but March Madness! Well, long story short, it was a business trip that lasted a week. He also got to do some sightseeing, and shopping, went to Harvard University, and also met some of the nicest people he knows (more on that later).

So, I was saying…shopping…well, we all know how important that is, right?…right?…RIGHT.

So, it was a whole new experience for my husband, and, as with everything else in the country – the culture, the people, the food & the size of each portion (!), the number of choices for even a simple cup of coffee! – shopping too, had him flummoxed (does any one even use that word nowadays!).

Anyway, he did have to buy another huge bag to stuff in all of his shopping…and here are some of the things I loved… (Okay, I know this is purely ‘showoff’..but this is my blog…and the only place I won’t be boo-ed off the stage), so…

This lovely silver necklace that he surprised me with…

Notice the beautiful pendant on this one…totally love the little plant thingy…

and my photography… 😛

My husband did something else that is so unlike him… he bought me this…

and IT. WAS. GOOD! Black, by Kenneth Cole (I don’t know who he is…but God bless him!) – Eau de Parfum for Her (simply means, ‘smells like a girl’.) and I love it!

My husband also got these…

‘Jacob’ is my crazy sweet brother, and ‘Captain Debbie’ is my husband pushing his hidden agenda at my 2-yr-old!!

He also got this for my lovely sister Jone…

It says “Sung…Alfred Sung”…and I can see why…it smells so lovely, I would sing too!

Oh, and my wonderful husband also went and got li’l Debbie this book…

At this point, I would like to add that Debbie actually got a lot of other cool stuff from equally cool people…

For instance, this coloring book (which, as you can see from her expression [you can??], Debbie reeealllly loved!)…

and they came with these pretty coloring pens…

and these were a gift from the lovely, absolutely friendly, and warm Deborah Lee Hill, who is the mom of two adorable little girls…and shares the same cool name with my daughter…

from left- the hubby, Kylee Hill, Deborah Hill, Ernest (works with us, went along with the hubby on the trip), Kianna Hill, and Eric Hill.

She also sent Debbie these books that her daughters used to read…

These are totally Kiddies-Approved!

And those are Debbie’s little hands owning them…”Amma, these are MINE…don’t photograph them…Nooo, what are you dooooinnggg???” Yeah…we like to make everything dramatic around here…!

I reviewed these books here…if you are looking for good reads for your li’l ‘un, these are pretty much up there…

Also, these cute clothes from Old Navy were nice to receive…cute summer clothes are in, anytime… 🙂

And Debbie wearing one with really pretty colors (we’re really going with the summer look here), although I couldn’t get her to stand still long enough to get the dress in full…and don’t even ask about the constipated (for want of a better word!) expression…she is kinda cute even with the expression, though…incurable mom-pride kicking in!

The good man brought some interesting eats, too…lotsa candy…for the little tike in the picture…some chocolate chip cookies, a weird, packaged steak, and other stuff I cannot recollect….What I really liked was this…

Planters DayBreak Blend Berry Almond Trail Mix (okay, you can totally read that from the picture!) This was the first time I tasted granola, and I had no idea the stuff was so good. I don’t think anyone at home was all that crazy about it (more for me!), and I would simply grab a handful everytime I walked past the tuck-box (yeah, we have that) and munch away…and my mom will give me a glare that means, “Like you need all those extra calories, HUMPH”!!

I also took a picture of this bag of crisps (‘potato chips’ is what we call it), not because they were the best I’ve eaten, but because I liked the package (that happens, right?)

The granola makes another appearance there, because I like it so much!

Anyway, final item on the list of things  I liked, this book on Boston’s history. I enjoyed reading it!

Disclaimer: No cameras were hurt in the making of this post, although they were ‘borrowed’ from their rightful owner i.e. the husband of this blogger. Shaky photographs are so because a certain 2-yr-old couldn’t leave well alone, over exposure is due to the human-melting hot sun that we have to tolerate nowadays (Yaay for global warming, people), pretty backgrounds are silk sarees and churidar shawls that have been put to better use, and total awesomeness of the blog is all MINE!! hee hee!


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