Top 10 Moments of Vanity!

So, Vanity…we all have a bit of it, right? I mean, it is not so much a ‘nose in the cloud, I’m too awesome for the world’ kind as the ‘I am precious in my own way, and I KNOW IT!’ garden-variety!!!

This type of vanity is not obnoxious in any way, and mostly it’s rather endearing! Still, it’s a moment of self-love that can’t be ignored. I am guilty of some of these myself, and I’m sooo not going to tell you which ones! heheh!

1. Making sure that you hold your new purse ‘best side out’! You know, no matter what tearing hurry you are in, you make sure that the snazzy side of your purse is turned outwards – the side with the obvious designer logo, or the gorgeous buckle, or the pretty flap!

2. Strutting! You walk into a room, and everyone is seated, and well, you know that everyone is watching, and you know that you are no beauty queen, still, you know you are dressed at your best, and your hair is shiny, and people are oggling you, even if it is briefly…and you strut…just a little…but it’s a strut nevertheless.

3. Exhibition of Good Parenting Skills! Your daughter is about to make a fuss, and other people are present. You keep your cool, talk to your child, calm her down, solve the problem – basically do just what a good parent ought to. And you ARE a good parent… Everyone is watching, and you know you rock! And then you flash your neighbor a smile like ‘Hi, I am a good parent, and I do this sort of thing all the time…it’s nothing!’. No, you are not haughty or anything, just proud that you did good!

4. Telling a Joke, and Loving It! Your sense of humor is popular with all your friends, you are sweet yet ROFL funny! And you say a joke, and everyone is doubling over, rolling on the aisles, and loving you! You are thinking, “Boy, I’m pretty funny, huh?!”

5. My Family is Awesome too! This is probably the sweetest kind of vanity, and I’m sure most women are guilty of it…personally, there exists enough evidence to prove that I am so guilty of this little vanity!  Your husband is addressing a crowd and the audience is spell bound! Your child just sang a song in the most wonderful voice, or said the most clever thing a child has ever said, and everyone is Oooh-ing and Aaah-ing at him or her! And you’re thinking, “yeah, I know, they are wonderful…and they’re mine…Booyah!!”

6. Doing a Personality Test/Quiz and Posting it on Facebook! Okay, you know you are a nice person, and a Facebook quiz just told you you’re right! You answered honestly, and still got told that you are a wonderful team worker, mom, friend, lover etc etc. Facebook asks you, “Publish this Quiz” or “Skip this Step”! You picture your friends seeing this, and all the comments  you’ll get, and then everyone, and I mean at least everyone, clicks over to take the quiz. So, you hit “Publish”! Then Facebook sends you a message that you are an awesome user! Win and win, all around!

7. You go up to Your Spouse and ask them, “I was wonderful out there, right”, just after you have done something awesome!!!! And you know they will say ‘Yes’! (I don’t do this all that often, but a significant other person does it all the time…and I kind of find that endearing in him…!!!!) No, you don’t brag about yourself to anyone else, but you do fish for compliments from your spouse, because seriously, who loves you more? Of course, you are open to constructive criticism, and you do get a lot of it (!), but sometimes, you know your significant other thinks you’re wonderful, and YOU JUST WANT TO HEAR IT! Sweet!

8.  You start a blog. (you link shamelessly…here’s my twitter feed for good measure! @janehamilton !!!! shame on me…) And then, another one. Even though you know quite well that the both could have easily been combined into one blog, and it wouldn’t be such a big deal! Because really, the stuff here is not that earth-shattering! (Okay, this vanity moment? I think I’m the only one here guilty of it! Still, in the name of being honest, and all…)

9. You write a post about Your Moments of Vanity!

10. You link it to OhAmanda’s Top 10 Tuesday, so that you can see your name along with some wonderfully awesome, enviable bloggers out there, and tell yourself, “Hey, my name appears on a blog other than mine! Yaaay!”.

I’m hopeless, I rest my case! So, what I really want to say is – even though we all have these little moments of vanity, it is what makes us human, and endearing, and loveable…. and also, reminds us that Humility is important too!


12 Responses to “Top 10 Moments of Vanity!”

  1. Catie

    LOL! Hilarious!! I’m totally not gonna tell you which one I’m guilty of except to say that I have a stellar sense of humor!! JK!.. or am I? Muwahahahahaha!

    • Jane Pauline Hamilton

      @Catie, Okay, now you got me curious! Ha ha!

  2. selfsagacity

    I didn’t know about most of them, 🙂 Your list is very funny, but the one about good parenting I thought was crazy funny – though I couldn’t ever do that with my two year old.

    • Jane Pauline Hamilton

      Me neither! But, we can all daydream, right! 😛

  3. Terri

    LOL! Too true! Great list.

    • Jane Pauline Hamilton

      Thanks Terri!

  4. oh amanda

    So funny!! I love the purse & parenting one. It’s so true!

    Thanks for linking up today! 🙂


    • Jane Pauline Hamilton

      Hi OhAmanda! Thanks for visiting…you just made my day! Glad you enjoyed the post 🙂 It was my pleasure to link up with your blog.

  5. oh amanda

    Oh, and I had to say the Veronica Lodge pic made it!!

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  7. Alexis Schmitz

    Incredibly awesome read! Truely!

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