I Want Your Face!

So yesterday, Debbie is sitting on my lap, and sucking her thumb, cuddling her favorite teddy bear, and watching cartoons (yeah, she’s a multi-tasker, that one!). And please ignore the part where she sucks her thumb… She WILL grow out of it soon, when she is 5 or 10…or whenever, I promise…

Anyway, there she was, and at any given time of day, my daughter’s hair is all wild curls and sticking straight up or to a side…usually, I’m like, “Baby girl, what is the deal with your hair?!?!?!”

Her hair is actually quite tame in this one picture above! When things get out of hand, we just plop on a hat!

So, I just curl my fingers around some locks of hair, look at them wonderingly, and ask her, “Debbie, how come you got so much hair, babyyyyy….wow! you have nice haaaaiiiiiiirrrrr, baby”.

She looks at me with a very somber expression, and then says, “Amma, I want to have your face and your hair…” I said, “No Baby, you have nice hair…”

And she said, “Don’t you like my face and hair??” And I was thinking, “OHMYGODOHMYGOD…..Whoever gave her that idea?!??! WHOWHOWHO…? Wait…did I do that?

And then, I went, “baby, you have the prettiest hair and the prettiest face in the whole world, and you are really pretty, and you are the prettiest little girl I have ever seen….” and gave her a big kiss on each cheek.

She thought for a while, and my heart was pounding.

After a moment a slow shy smile spread across her face, she looked at me, and said a very nonchalant, “Seri” (Tamil for “Okay”) I love you, Amma!, and walked off to play with her toys…

All I could think was, “What was THAT all about?” So, turns out, she wants long hair and a pretty face (like a typical 3 yr old girl!)…!!! That was the best thing that happened to me….all week! And that’s why I am so happy today…my little girl wants to be like me…she adores me!!!!

My sister summed it all up wonderfully when she said, “Give her time, when she’s 15 and comes to you for fashion advice, I’ll believe that story!!”

Can’t blame her…. (wait, maybe she gets unruly hair from me!)

…..eeeeehhhhh…I’ve seen better!


Do you have something making your day today? A favorite moment, child (no, don’t write on that!), food, favorite anything this Friday? Go on and join the Friday Favorite linky party over at The Other Mama. Have fun, and happy hair!


2 Responses to “I Want Your Face!”

  1. Hillary @ The Other Mama

    I think you are both beautiful! And I’m pretty sure we all want the hair we don’t have, right? That dang human nature!

  2. Jane Pauline Hamilton

    Thanks! And yeah, I wish I had your hair, ha ha! Dang human nature, indeed!!

    Thanks for stopping by, Hillary!

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