World Vision – Trip to the Dominican Republic

Amanda, a sweet mother, wonderful Christian, and a popular blogger over at, writes about her trip with World Vision to the Dominican Republic to visit the little girl she sponsors, and to lend a helping hand to many others in need. (World Vision leads you to children in need, and you can sponsor one of them) She will be joined by some wonderful other bloggers. Check out their posts on this trip. Amanda will be blogging throughout her trip to the Dominican Republic, so subscribe to her posts and read on.

You can also grab this widget over at her blog, to show your support for the cause…I’ve got mine on the sidebar (it’s way, way down, I know….but, one of these days, I’m gonna rearrange things here a bit…soon, hopefully!)

World Vision Bloggers


2 Responses to “World Vision – Trip to the Dominican Republic”

  1. Vanessa

    What a wonderful and selfless thing to do, what a great mom!

  2. Jane Pauline Hamilton

    I know, from what I have read on her blog, Amanda seems to be a wonderful person too, and so versatile! Wish I could be more like her…

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