Discovering the Elementary, my dear Watson! – Pancakes!

Posted On October 25, 2010

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I have had many ‘Duh’ moments! In fact, 80% of my life is all about the ‘duh’ moments. You know, like stuff that everybody just KNOWS when they are put into a certain situation, but for which, I need a user’s manual, complete with detailed, labeled diagrams! Yeah, sometimes I make myself tired…

Anyway, cooking, by and large, has been that way for me, which you already know if you have closely followed this blog. I can’t cook. That should probably be my epitaph, or something. So, I used to think that making pizza, pancake, and brownies were like high-end magic, or at least stuff that I would never be able to do, without changing life as it was for myself!! HAHA! I have no idea what I just said! Oh yeah, what I said was that I thought pancakes and brownies were hard to make.

But then, (I love how you can break all rules of grammar on your personal blog!) I decided last week, that I am going to figure out the pancake and the pizza. One was, and the other wasn’t really…

So, here’s how I made pancake – those who make scrumptious pancakes on a daily basis and WOW your family every day, and are adventurous with their pancakes to turn them into 5-star restaurant cuisines, please…PLEASE ignore this post. Others, like me, who have no idea how a pancake is made, have never eaten one, or think that it is ‘Un-do-able’ follow me. It’s really elementary, my dear Watson!

Basic Pancake Recipe

pancake & image not mine! 😛

This is what you need:

– 1 egg

1 & 1/2 cup milk

1 cup flour (maida)

3 tbsp sugar

pinch of salt

1 tsp vanilla essence

1 tbsp baking powder

Here’s what you do:

1. Whisk together the egg, vanilla essence, sugar and salt. Whisk till the sugar is, at least partially, dissolved.

2. Now, add the flour and the baking powder, and combine well.

3. Pour in the milk and stir well, so that no lumps are formed. Remember, lumps are no good for any one, anywhere.

At this point, let me just say, that if you have ever made wheat dhosas for dinner on those totally uninspired evenings, you know that making a pancake is not very different. It’s the ingredients that are the fun part!

4. Anyway, make sure that your batter is not too watery (or milky!), and not too thick either. You know… your 1&1/2 cup of milk should be enough to make an easy-to-pour batter.

5. Heat up a flat pan (non-stick pan or your dhosa pan should do), and, if you don’t care about your diet, go ahead and dab some butter on the heated pan. If you do care about your diet, skip the butter. Nothing inedible will happen!

6. Take a large ladle-full of batter, and simply pour in the center of the pan. NOTE: Please, please DO NOT spread it around with your ladle!! If you, like me, have made one too many godhumai dhosas (wheat dhosas) and rice dhosas in your life, you will have the tendency to spread batter around on the pan. DON’T DO IT! Hold your hand back, and grit your teeth if necessary.

You see, pancake is wonderful like that. No effort at all, no stress to make perfect round-shaped things. Just pour and let it be.

7. You will see that the batter itself has the tendency to spread a wee-bit. After that it will stop spreading and start to fluff up nicely. YUM!

8. Wait till all the bubbles on the batter burst (now it’s back to the dhosa process again!). Flip it over on the pan, if you have crazy Julia-Child-skills! If not, just take a flat ladle and turn it over.

9. Let it brown up a bit on the other side too. You shouldn’t let any dark-spot, burn-marks, or scars form on the pancake. Treat it like a gentle flower…

10. Flip it back up onto a plate…and go make some more. Or…leave some one else to make their own breakfast (I only wish…) and pour some honey over your pancakes and stuff your pretty/handsome face with them!!! Usually, people use maple syrup. I have no idea what it is. So, I used honey, and I was anything but regretful…meaning, that I could not wipe the smile off my face…

Pancake, where were you all my life? Sigh!

pancake & image not mine! 😛

PS: If y0u are wondering what’s all this ‘pancake & image not mine!’ about, I just wanted to let you now, that I did NOT photograph even one part of the pancake-making process. Even though I seriously considered it for all of 2 seconds, I did not even stop to photograph the finished product. It was all already in my mouth! I made it twice last week, and still failed to get a picture. So, I used an image I found on the web. Just googled ‘basic pancake’ and got these images. These images are not mine. But, for the record, I would like to sincerely state that I did make pancakes and they did taste heavenly. And mine looked exactly like those in the pictures. So, There!


2 Responses to “Discovering the Elementary, my dear Watson! – Pancakes!”

  1. Karen Xavier

    Man, you are funny… remember lumps are no good for anybody anywhere. And the Julia child’s skill and the gritting of the teeth to stop yourself from spreading the batter. That I can attest too, I made pancakes a few days back and it was hard to refrain from spreading it. Anyway, they came out great and I used honey too. Maple syrup is something sticky like honey, but it has a more fruity syrupy taste. I love your food posts…

  2. Jane Pauline Hamilton

    Thanks, thanks! Mmmm….Maple syrup sounds yummy….if only I could find myself a bottle of it….

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