We’re Moving…. Again! To Blogger! Let’s meet there!

Hi Readers, I have been using WordPress.com for a long time now. Unfortunately, the lack of flexibility in using this blog has finally got to me. I really love adding widgets, links, and other colorful stuff onto my blog. So, you’ll see a lot of interactive widgets on my blogger blog ‘Pause & Bookmark‘. I’m really miffed right now that I can’t do any of that fun stuff on this blog. You’ll see that, for the most part, this blog has been painfully sparse of color! Hence my overcompensation with the extravagantly girly header image…*eye rolling* …. I know… 😛

Anyway, I am now moving my blog – this blog – to Blogger, because I LOVE the “Blogger in Draft” feature, and all the fun layouts. I searched for months for a good layout on WordPress that would reflect my personality, but all I got was weird stuff that just did not sit well with me.

So, this blog will be around for a while, but I will be blogging from now on at ‘Ad Libitum’ on Blogger. Go here for the blog.

Thanks for staying with me on this one, guys! 🙂 I love you.

I’m not here anymore!! Come visit me on my blogger blogs!!

And WordPress.com? It’s not you, honey…. It’s me… Sorry. 😐


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