Kosmix.com: Searches Everything!

I came across Kosmix.com on a blog post today. This is a search engine that is completely different from Google. Ikosmix1_f1t organizes the search page into topics like Reference, Media, News & Blogs etc. When you search a term, the results are arranged again as Twitter feeds (which I totally loved!), online discussions, Q&As, Videos and more. At one glance, I had it all. It is easy to use, and a refreshing change from Google.

Okay, I am not saying that Google is no good. I love Google search, and it is absolutely my browser homepage. Still, I am happy I found Kosmix.

Kosmix.com was founded by Venky Harinarayan and Anand Rajaraman. These guys also created Junglee, a shopping search engine (!!) which was later bought by Amazon.com.

So, these guys are all about search engines with a difference. You’ll understand that from the article on Wikipedia. Well, I recommend this search engine, so that you can get a different perspective of things. Check it out and tell me all about it.