Top 10 Things I’d Love to Do, but probably won’t!

So, I came across this post by Shoni (entered in OhAmanda’s Top10Tuesday linky party), which was inspired by this post by Stephanie….and I decided to tell you what is lurking in the darkest recesses of my mind! My dreams, desires that I will never quite be able to carry out… Top 10 Things that I so want to do, but somehow never did…sigh! This is maudlin…*sniff*

1. Cut my hair short – I’ve seen many people take the plunge and be happy about the results! Whenever I look at my straggly, split-ended hair that is so neanderthal, I just want to lop it all off. When summer comes, I just want to go bald, and sport a jug of ice cold water as a hat!! Don’t laugh! You would too, if you have really experienced south Indian summers! So, I dream about the day I cut my hair, style it, and look uber cool…so not happening right now. 😦

2. Write a Book – Am I totally out of my mind???!!! Who in the world has the time?? I have ideas, but no time. My sorry tale of entering the NANAWRIMO is testimony to this…

3. Traveling the World – Or at least, The Americas and Europe…Or France and USA? No? Okay, how about just USA? … Okay, just India…you know? All India Tour! No? Okay, what about if we just visited Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata? They’re interesting! No? Okay, can I just visit my friends in Chennai, please? No? Okay. Sorry, I forgot…I’m married to a very grounded and level-headed man with his “feet firmly planted on the ground”. Had no idea that he meant he hated traveling!! And, anyway, who in the world’s got the time?!?!?

4. Make Chocolate Ganache – It looks yummy, it looks easy, but I’m not getting it done in this century, because 1. I will never find the ingredients. 2. I don’t think I will ever buy any more cooking equipment. Not after what happened yesterday (What? Oh, you didn’t know? Yeah, I almost blew up the microwave, when I reheated bread pudding on a plate that had a little gold design on the sides!! Sparks flew…and I blew a fuse… Also, the electricity bill is the highest we have ever had. My baking is taking a year-long hiatus!!)

5. Make a Living as a Real Writer – you know, the sort that writes a best seller, and then makes book tours all year long, but somehow finds the time to write the next best seller, so that he or she can fill the next year with book tours! And autographed copies of the book sell for thousands of dollars…or rupees! Yeah, that dream…meh!

6. Live in France – WhyFrance? I don’t know…maybe because I can eat macaroons and croissants all day long? Could it be that? Or is it because I just want to look at the Eiffel Tower at night, whenever I feel like it…I’m sure it’s one of those reasons…Also, let’s face it…We ALL, at some point, envy the French for their ‘laid-back-ness’!

7. Sip a Cool Glass of Clear Water! – not happening. Bad teeth, one of them missing a nerve because…well… it just right out decayed! (Sorry, TMI, I know), and the others are all wailing at me every night to go make that damn dentist’s appointment… So, No. No sipping ice cold water, ice tea, or iced anything for me…

8. Take Debbie to DisneyLand – She loves Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, and is currraaaaizzzy about Donald Duck! Taking her to DisneyLand, and watching her squeal in delight is what my best dreams are made of…Anyone has extra tickets, you know where to send them…Plane tickets, I mean…

9. Master Indian Cooking – Sometime around last week I realized, to the chagrin and dismay and ____ (fill the most disappointing/negative words here!) of my husband, that I cannot CANNOT really cook Indian cuisine well. Nope. Sambar, rasam, and fish curry that is digestible is the best I can do… 😦 Whereas, give me a microwave and the right ingredients, and I can make a good plate of mac&cheese, or really delicious pasta, make a whopper hamburger with the yummiest ingredients, some good dessert etc. I wish I could cook good Indian food, I really do… My husband looked crestfallen when I announced my discovery…Yes, ‘Crestfallen’ is the word to describe the cheese-hater…Ho Hum…

10. Meet The Pioneer Woman – You know, I have never wanted to meet anyone as badly as I want to meet Ree Drummond!! No really, it’s like an obsession!! I remember, when I was in 9th grade, I wanted to meet Tom Cruise this bad!! And then, well, he went whacko, and I kinda lost interest. Now I am a bit repulsed by him!! But, Ree? Well, I want, WANT, to meet her. I want to see her in person, and I want to shake her hand, and be at the receiving end of that smile, I want to take a tour of her kitchen where all the magic happens, and I want to take one bite of her famous Cinnamon rolls, and I want to die in peace….SIGH!!! Sorry, did not mean to sound like a psycho fan, but really, I adore her that much…If  you, by some sad twist of fate, do not know who Ree Drummond is, go and visit The Pioneer Woman! Your life will never be the same again!


Tell me, who wouldn't want to be friends with her?! She is so sweet!


I know it’s Thursday, but I am entering this post in OhAmanda’s Top10Tuesday posts anyway!


Twitter Hop Thursday!

Hey guys! I love linky parties…they are the single most effective reasons to get me to write something in this space!!! Now, that’s a compliment to all the linky parties out there, but I don’t think it says anything nice about my blogging skills!

Anyway, I found this Twitter-hopping linky party the other day, and am absolutely thrilled with it.

What is a Twitter Hop Thursday? Well, a bunch of bloggers host this linky party where everyone gets to enter their twitter handle/username. You get to follow many fun twitter users, and…get this…they follow you right back!!

Superb way to get more followers!!

So, Twitter Hop Thursday is hosted by Simply Stacie, The King’s Court IV, Little Yaya’s, and Review Retreat. All great women, with wonderful blogs (their blog layouts are awesome…I want too!), and to-die-for giveaways. Check them out! Oh, and they always follow you right back, on Twitter! how cool is that??!!!

So, head on over to Simply Stacie’s blog here, and get yourself the code, this here cute button, and linky code etc. I am no good at all this code and stuff, and after several frantic bouts of copying and pasting, I have not been able to make the linky thing appear on this post….HELP!!! Somebody….!

Aaaanyway, have fun Twitter hopping, you guys!

GrooveShark – Killer Music!

I love me some real good music through out the day… There are around a gazillion music CDs lining the shelves of our humble abode, and not one of them belongs to me!! You can see who’s the minority here! So, we got HillSong – the whole series they EVER released. Then we’ve got some Tamil Spiritual Lyrics, some weird classical western music CDs that I can never enjoy, no matter how hard I try…(on such days I’m sure my husband is asking himself, “Ok, someone remind me again, why did I marry her?” But really, I just cannot feel anything when I hear a million violins scratching it out, cymbals clashing, and drums acting like they are the voice of God!!! Nope. It does nothing for me.

Anyway, what I like is The Corrs, Enrique Iglesias, ABBA, BoyZone (even tho’ they are so ‘yesterday’…), BackStreetBoys (don’t laugh, I love their music), and nice melodies like that. No hard rock (GOD, NO!) and no heavy metal (Over my dead body…no, not even then!).But hey, I love country music! Of course, nothing beats A.R. Rahman’s music (a little patriotism, and lots of love for his talent, I guess!).

So, downloading these songs from YouTube is a pain..blame it on slow Internet connections. And here I am, one day, craving music, with YouTube downloading a song for so long that I grew an entirely new gray hair! So, I go on an Google for websites for music, easy to download and all that.

AAANNNNNddddd….(drum roll, please)….I discover…

Now, I love, love, love this website. Why? Firstly, it has all the music you can ever want to listen…although it is only western music…but hey! at least that is easily available, right? Second, the songs download so quickly!!! I cannot believe how efficient the download is! Thirdly, it has a lot of other cool features…now, I really haven’t checked out this website completely, but added features are your thing, you should certainly go check it out.

And so, days go by, and I’m like really enjoying my music at home..I play my favorite play list, set the speakers on full blast, and listen to music while I work…and I am in pure music heaven.

And then, I feel, “Okay, maybe I can share this information with my husband..I mean, after all, I am married to him, to love and to hold, and share cool stuff that we find on the internet! So, I tell him one day, “You know what? There’s this really cool music website which plays all kinds of music, and downloads really quickly…I mean this is better than YouTube!” And he’s all like “Uhuh! Whatever…”

Next day he casually asks me, “Jane, what is that website you were talking about?” and I tell him.

Next minute, my blood curdles…because what do I hear???


WHAAA…. are you KIDDING ME?!!!

Note: Okay, this is from YouTube because Grooveshark is occupied by my husband!

…Till death do us part, I guess…sigh!

But, I still love Grooveshark, mind you, and that’s why I entered this post in “Things I love Thursday” over at DiaperDiaries.

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