National Novel Writing Month- November 2009 Contest

Posted On May 12, 2009

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nanowrimo_logoI have enrolled myself into the National Novel Writing Month Contest. This is a great contest, where you only get to start writing your novel on November 1st and have to end by November 30th.  You do get all year to prepare, though!  Your novel should have 50,000 words.  Check out the web site for more information on this.

Believe it or Not! I have also started writing my own novel.  It is about a writer (duh!). That’s all I’m saying right now, because that’s all I know!

I am treading virgin waters here.  Never tried my hand at fiction before, but fiction it will be.  Surprisingly, I have already written 2 and a half pages.  The working title of my novel is “In Good Faith”.  Well, there’s someone in there called Faith, so I reckoned… Well, you know.  Ok, whatever.

The pure excitement of it all (and my inability to believe that I have actually let myself into writing fiction!) kept me up almost all of last night :0P  The web site suggested that I tell a whole lot of people that I have decided to write a novel that will be done by November of this year.  That way, I will be sure to finish my novel just to avoid embarrassment.

So, this is me putting myself in an embarrassing situation of major proportions…

Wish Me Luck…. on everything.  Write to me if you have enrolled yourself in, and be my writing buddy.