We’re Moving…. Again! To Blogger! Let’s meet there!

Hi Readers, I have been using WordPress.com for a long time now. Unfortunately, the lack of flexibility in using this blog has finally got to me. I really love adding widgets, links, and other colorful stuff onto my blog. So, you’ll see a lot of interactive widgets on my blogger blog ‘Pause & Bookmark‘. I’m really miffed right now that I can’t do any of that fun stuff on this blog. You’ll see that, for the most part, this blog has been painfully sparse of color! Hence my overcompensation with the extravagantly girly header image…*eye rolling* …. I know… 😛

Anyway, I am now moving my blog – this blog – to Blogger, because I LOVE the “Blogger in Draft” feature, and all the fun layouts. I searched for months for a good layout on WordPress that would reflect my personality, but all I got was weird stuff that just did not sit well with me.

So, this blog will be around for a while, but I will be blogging from now on at ‘Ad Libitum’ on Blogger. Go here for the blog.

Thanks for staying with me on this one, guys! 🙂 I love you.

I’m not here anymore!! Come visit me on my blogger blogs!!

And WordPress.com? It’s not you, honey…. It’s me… Sorry. 😐


Disney Magic – Love is In the Air

So, I came across this fantastic story about this married couple whose paths crossed in DisneyLand, and they didn’t even know it. The story goes like this:

Alex and Donna Voutsinas are about to get married and they are looking through old photo albums. Donna shows Alex a picture taken in DisneyLand, with she and her brother and some Disney character. Imagine his surprise when he spots his own father pushing him in a stroller in the background of that picture!! Cool, right?!?! Stuff that fairytales are made of…but then again, Art imitates Life.

Guy in the black shirt is Alex's dad!

image: WXII12.com

Don’t believe me? Watch this video

So there you have it – my pick-me-up-‘romance-still-exists’ story of the day!! You like? Vote here please?

SinkHole in Guatemala – Shocking!

Guatemala has been going through terrible times recently…If you’ve been watching the news you will know that they have had volcanic eruptions, tropical storms and what not.

Looking at scenes of the devastation and suffering in that place, is heart-wrenching…

Today, I saw this…

Apparently, this is not photo-shopped! It’s real, very real. A really huge sink hole right in the middle of town!

Did you even know that was possible? I thought we had solid ground under our feet, and, the Earth, along with the gravity and everything, has got us totally covered! But LOOK at this!

It’s a really deep hole formed because of the ground water eroding the weak limestone that is found underground. This phenomenon is called a ‘karst’. The place is called ‘karst topography’. Direct quote from an article about Karst Topography and Sinkholes in About.com – “About 10% of the earth’s land (and 15% of the United States’) surface consists of soluble limestone, which can be easily dissolved by the weak solution of carbonic acid found in underground water.”

Basically, what they’re saying is that the earth can cave in at any moment, without prior warning – no smoke signals, no hot water spurting out…nothing, absolutely nothing!

Apparently, this has happened in Guatemala before – the depth of the sink hole being twice deeper than the height of the Statue of Liberty!

I took one look at that picture, and shivered in horror…Imagine looking down into one of those holes just outside of your backyard…Or worse, falling down one of those holes…losing everything to a giant hole in the ground…sounds surreal…I still can’t believe such things can actually happen in this world. I guess they can…

Disclaimer: Okay, now I don’t know if this is photo-shopped. And I kind of hope it is…for the sake of the people who live there. But if it isn’t, then I pray that the people of Guatemala will have the strength to face their trials…

And I hope we can all do something, however small, to help these people.

Note: I am so blessed to live in one of the most boring little towns in India! I used to complain that nothing ever happens in Nagercoil…well, right now…I am not complaining at all!

I am counting my blessings right now? Are you?

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